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Becoming An Augustinian

Basically to join the Augustinians you need to be male, a person of faith and looking for your way of living that faith in a religious community. As a member of the Order you will be a professed brother. You may wish also to be a priest, but that's another choice to be made and involves study and training.

So I need to be anyone special?
No. You need to be between 18 and 50, although exceptions can be made according to individual circumstances.

You need to have finished secondary school and be qualified for third level studies. The study and training you will receive are aimed at equipping you for your work as a member of the Order.

Spiritual and Personal Qualities
You must be healthy with a good, healthy appreciation of life. You need to have a level of maturity and a good sense of humour as you are looking at a life that is lived in common as a celibate, while taking on some demanding work in your life.

What does God want of me?
Discernment means taking special time to listen to God in your life. It involves praying, reflecting on the Scriptures, examining your life and sharing with someone who can listen to and reflect with you. This person is a trusted companion, someone who keeps confidences and is a person of faith with some recognised skills and standing in the Church.

Help is available - there is a process
So you think you might like to go further and consider joining the Augustinians. What's the next step? There is a way forward. This web site gives you information on how to contact us. Your first point of contact should be the local Vocation Director, who in Dungarvan is Fr. Flor O'Callaghan o.s.a

Discernment about becoming an Augustinian is a two-way process. We are also discerning about taking you into our brotherhood. This is not about being personal or biased. It's about the reality that not everyone is suited to this way of life, just as some are not suited for the army or an office job. The process aims to find out - from both sides. It's about getting to know us and us getting to know you.

Now it is time for the next step - accompaniment. This is the way chosen of getting to know each other better within a structured relationship that takes you into a time of reflecting on God in your life and what is being said to you in your life. You will be asked to meet with an Augustinian over a period of time for reflection and discussion on topics ranging from God and self to religious life, ministry and vocation in the Christian tradition. The Augustinian is there to help you: to listen and respond reflectively to what you share. You and he will be looking to reach a sense of where to next:

The next stage is the Come and See period. It is just what it suggests. Come and live in an Augustinian community for at least six months and see what you think. You keep up your work or study; you just move in and we work together towards a decision.

Will I apply to join the Augustinians and will we accept you?
If the answer is "yes", then it is time to begin the formal period of your initial formation with the Order, living, studying, working, praying and reflecting within our religious community. We hope this brief outline of what life as an Augustinian is about has been helpful. We wish you well. If you have any questions about our life, please get in touch. We would be delighted to help in any way.

More Information
If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Father Niall Coughlan osa
St. John's Lane Church
Thomas Street,
Dublin 8,
Tel: 01 6770393

More information on joining the Augustinian Order can be found at

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Contact Us

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Saint Augustine

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This section of the web site provides useful information if you feel you have a vocation to become an Augustinian.